HB1 Standard Crate HB1 Standard Lidded Crate
The industry standard, lidded stacking removal crate, with security holes each end for securing with security ties.

Lidded – Internal Dimensions 610mm x 405mm 315mm

HBC1 Lidded Computer Crate HBC1 Lidded Computer Crate
Ideal for IT equipment, computers, screens etc. Stackable.Lidded – Internal Dimensions 590mm x 550mm x 600mm
HBM1 Metre Long Crate HBM1 Metre Long Crate
Used most often when either relocating filing or emptying storage that has metre wide shelves or side filing cabinets etc.  1 crate per shelf.Lidded – Internal Dimensions 1045mm x 420mm x 285mm
HB6 Security Rollcage HB6 Security RollcagePerfect for relocating screens an computers and other items especially when there is a lift and your lorry has a tail lift.
HB7 Removal Skate Dolly HB7 Removal Skate / Dolly

An essential part of any relocation!  The removal skate is perfect for moving many heavy items, including stacks of full crates.
HB8 Relocation Sack Barrow HB8 Relocation Sack BarrowAnother office removal essential.  The sack barrow is also ideal for moving stacks of full and empty crates, as well as items of furniture.
HB4 Bubble Wrap HB4 Bubble WrapProtect your precious items and warp them in our bubble wrap before you place them in the crate.


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